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Predator Control, Wildlife, 
Domestic Livestock Protection, Mountain Lion

Many species of animals can be classified as predators, but only a limited number of animals account for losses to livestock and game animals.  The management practices of the Wildlife Program of the Hualapai Department of Natural Resources primarily focus on two that inhabit Hualapai Lands; Coyote and Mountain Lion.

Predation by mountain lions and coyotes is an ongoing battle. Currently, the Tribe has a bounty on both of these animals.

In 2010, a total of 34 Coyotes and 4 Mountain Lion were turned in for a bounty.



Tribal Bounty Program
2011 Hualapai Reservation Tribal Bounty Prices:

Coyotes are worth $65.00 and
Mountain Lions are worth

Only tribal members are eligible to collect a bounty.

Predator Control, Wildlife, 
Domestic Livestock Protection, Mountain Lion


Please keep safety in mind;

To reduce possible exposure to rabies, when handling a coyote, wear rubber gloves and a mask. Have a trash bag handy too. You can turn the trash bag inside out, take the bottom part of the bag with one hand and grab the coyote, and then work the entire trash bag over the coyote carcass into the bag without touching it.

If the coyote or mountain lion is behaving strangely, (is walking toward you, acting tame, acting mad, is hostile, foaming at the mouth, etc.), it may have rabies.

If you shoot this coyote, DO NOT BRING IT IN TO THE COMMUNITY.

Contact the Natural Resources Department or Animal Control with the location of the animal, so that we can remove it.

Please contact: Annette Bravo or Garwain Sinyella;

Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks    
email Annette

Phone @ (928) 769-2255, if you have any questions.

or Fax @ (928) 769-2309

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