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As a courtesy to other Tribal departments and entities, the following links are provided for your perusal.  Be advised that these links will take you away from the Hualapai Natural Resources Website.

 Link to the American Indian Environmental Office Tribal Portal
(Locate tribal related information within EPA and other government agencies.)

General information on the Hualapai People:

Our land is one of rolling hills, rugged mesas, breathtaking cliffs, deep gorges, and an abundance of wildlife. Our relationship to the land has always been one of sacred affiliation with those things which has been provided in the earth for our survival... This includes all living plants, the wildlife, the waters, the geographic landscapes, and the whole ecological system of our world... We have always been the guardians of these resources, and we are so today."

                                                                  - Delbert Havatone, Chairman Past


Hualapai People


      Inter Tribal Council of Arizona (ITCA):

      Northern Arizona University (NAU):

The Hualapai People strive to become self-sufficient and self-sustained through tourism operations  which are expedited through the Grand Canyon Resort Corporation.  A number of improvements have been established within the community of Peach Springs, Arizona where the Hualapai reside; such as the local Boys & Girls Club facility, the Headstart facility, and the Social Services facility.  Visit the Grand Canyon West Resort Corporation:

The Hualapai Tribe's website encompasses the greater portion of tribal governmental departments, programs, and community services available on the Hualapai Reservation.  Visit the Hualapai Tribes Website:

Higher Education is of significant importance for the Hualapai.  The Hualapai Tribe's Education Department provides assistance to students in financial aid and counseling as well as college search and application completion.  Also available is the Natural Resources Scholarship.  Visit the Hualapai Tribal Education Department page:

The Hualapai Game & Fish Department manages the wildlife hunting and fishing concerns for nearly one million acres of land and 108 miles of river corridor within the Hualapai Reservation. Visit the Hualapai Game & Fish page:


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