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The Hualapai Department of Natural Resources offers Internship positions in our Department in the Programs of Air, Water Resources, Forestry, Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks, and Agriculture for highly motivated individuals* with a commitment to a career in natural resources, habitat conservation and preservation. These internships are designed to provide a range of administrative and programmatic experience on conservation issues important to the Hualapai Reservation as well as Tribal Members. Interns will occasionally attend seminars and working meetings to develop and implement strategies. This is an opportunity to work closely with conservation professionals on a wide variety of projects and gain valuable experience.


Internship positions* are available to enrolled Hualapai Tribal Members who are High School students, ages 16 years and older and enrolled College students.
The applicant must be interested in the fields of Air, Wind and Atmosphere, Animals, Agriculture, Coal, Fossil Fuels, Rock and Mineral Resources, Forestry, Range and Pasture, Land, Soils, Water, Oceans, Lakes, Groundwater and Rivers, and Solar Power.

The applicant must be in good standing at the High School/College they are attending and should submit supporting documentation as well as an essay describing the following:

  • Your interests and activities in Natural Resources such as fisheries, wildlife, forestry, and range management.

  • What is Natural Resources Management and Conservation?

  • What area of Natural Resources Management and Conservation would you like to learn more about and why?

  • What area of Natural Resources Management and Conservation do you feel is most important to our future and why?

  • What kind of Natural Resources Management and Conservation is being done on your Reservation? What would you do to improve it?


All Department of Natural Resource Interns are subject to this Guidance Manual. For further clarification and information, the Hualapai Personnel and Policies Manual will be consulted.

Internships are for a period of approximately eight twelve weeks. This allows time for the intern to learn basic field skills and techniques and then practice what they have learned. It also ensures that the Department benefits from the work of trained interns after investing time and energy in their training.

By shadowing Department staff, interns will be trained in a variety of tasks with the goal of gaining experience and skills needed to work independently: The intern should have the ability to perform a variety of work tasks in wildlife, fish management, research programs, and be able to walk or travel over rough terrain and camp overnight. Work may have to be performed in inclement weather. Each intern will be provided with interpretation and training in the methods and objectives of each Department Program and on-the-job experience in air and water, wildlife/livestock research, wildlife/livestock management, or related administrative programs, and will be evaluated by their supervisors at the end of the program.

*Interested candidates for the internship may view and download a copy of the application

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