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Subtitle P, Hualapai Environmental Review Code



The Tribal Council of the Hualapai Tribe recognizes the need to preserve, protect, and
maintain the physical, chemical, and biological integrity of the Tribe’s waters.  The Tribal Council also recognizes the need to ensure adequate groundwater supplies, maintain groundwater as a safe drinking water supply, and that certain land uses can contaminate groundwater. The Hualapai Tribe has enacted an ordinance to establish a groundwater protection overlay area within which certain standards and restrictions apply to activities affecting groundwater.

Protecting public health and safety and the environment, as well as the political integrity and economic welfare of the Tribe are the goals of the Tribal Council by minimizing contamination of aquifers and preserving and protecting existing and potential sources of drinking water supplies. It is the intent of this Ordinance to accomplish this through both public education and public cooperation, as well as by designating zones in the groundwater protection overlay area that specify appropriate land uses and requirements in addition to existing laws and regulations.

The Groundwater Protection Overlay Ordinance imposes conditions on current land use practices and shall apply to all new construction, reconstruction, or expansion of existing buildings and new or expanded uses within the groundwater protection overlay area. It may also apply to some existing uses and structures, if they are not otherwise exempt.


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