Hualapai Nation


Lower Grand Canyon River Corridor



Prepared by:

Dr. Kerry Christensen
            Mr. Dave Wegner
             Mr. Donald E. Bay


 Department of Natural Resources

P.O. Box 300

Peach Springs, Arizona 86434

January, 2001

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This plan has been developed in cooperation and coordination with a variety of outside entities including Grand Canyon National Park, Lake Mead National Recreation Area, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Arizona Game and Fish Department, Grand Canyon River Guides, Grand Canyon Resort Corporation and others


Over the last twenty years, there has been a significant increase in tourism, visitation and utilization of resources in lower Grand Canyon on the Hualapai Reservation.  This increased use has escalated impacts to the natural and cultural resources of the tribe and has led to a need for a plan to direct protection and management of these resources while allowing the tribe to enhance economic development in lower Grand Canyon.   

In addition, neither Grand Canyon National Park nor Lake Mead National Recreation Area have plans that address protection or management of the resources of the Hualapai Tribe.  For these reasons, this management plan has been developed by the Hualapai Tribe to establish policies and procedures for the myriad of activities that occur along the river in lower Grand Canyon involving both Hualapai Tribal Members and the General Public. 

This plan has taken into account the requirements of the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, Wetland Protection Act and other pertinent legislation.  As the tribe has developed and implemented their own ordinances regarding protection of these vital resources, we believe that the union of those ordinances with this plan will best protect the water and natural and cultural resources of the lower Grand Canyon River Corridor on the Hualapai Reservation.




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