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Mission - The mission of the Water Resources Program is to protect and maintain the water quality and natural environment that include springs, streams, wetlands, the Colorado River, and ground water aquifers of Hualapai lands through a proactive approach in educating the public and sharing our concerns.

The Hualapai Department of Natural Resources regularly participates in community awareness, education and outreach regarding water quality, pollution prevention, range management, air quality, climate change, and also supports a number of youth enrichment activities


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The Hualapai Department of Natural Resources Water Resources Program is devoted to being an active participant in public outreach and education contributions.  Outreach activities we engage in vary from public forums on questions and concerns from the community on environmental issues, to volunteering for an assortment of roles in the Tribe’s community functions, to formal presentations with tribal government and other agencies as directed by the Water Resource Manager.



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This video shows recent highlights of a Pollution Prevention presentation with the 1st grade class of Peach Springs Elementary School and the Technicians from the Water Resources Program. Regular Education and Outreach activities with members of the community of Peach Springs is an important goal for the Water Resource Program and often includes presentations and discussions on how the Hualapai Department of Natural Resources and the average citizen can contribute to conservation of the local environment.

water resources, community outreach, environment, education

Alvin Crook, Water technician for the Hualapai tribe, is going over a community presentation on what mining and drought has done to Coffer Hot Spring in Wikieup, Az.

Boys and Girls Club

Danny Powsey, Water technician for the Hualapai tribe is teaching members of the Boys and Girls Club the dangers of storm water run off.

community outreach at the school

Alvin Crook shows interested local community and tribal members how the scientific water meters used in collecting water data work and what each one is used for.

community outreach at the school

Peach Springs Elementary 1st grade class raising their hands to answer a question asked by the Water Resources workers; “How can we help to protect the environment?”

community outreach at the school

Water Tech Danny Powsey is giving Peach Springs 1st graders instruction about the importance of each person doing their part in helping to protect the environment from the harmful effects of pollution in the community.  Joseph Montana is giving out environmental education activities sheets for the kids which have games, drawing sheets, and basic environmental facts.

education outreach in the field

Danny Powsey is showing the kids how to test the water quality of the spring and collecting water bugs (macro-invertebrates) that indicates the health of the water source.

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