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Spencer Canyon Bank
Stabilization Project:
Construction Report and
Photo Gallery

Water Quality Improvement Grant Program, ADEQ
 Hualapai Natural Resources Dept., Grantee
 Natural Channel Design, Inc., Technical Consultant

Spencer, Beach Stabilization Project, Grand Canyon, dnr

Constructed for: Hualapai Natural Resources

Project purpose: To protect the existing composting
toilet and reduce bank erosion near the river.
Work Commenced: April 9th, 2007
Work Completed: April 16th, 2007



Spencer Beach Stabilization, Grand Canyon, dnr


                                                                         Stairs for Composting Toilet

In 2007 a beach stabilization project was initiated at Spencer Canyon within the lower granite gorge of the Grand Canyon, Hualapai Reservation to protect the limited availability of beach area, preserve access to an existing composting toilet which helps to reduce non-point source pollution, and to restore the riparian habitat vegetation through invasive species removal.

Activities included the following;

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